Thursday, January 1, 2015

USB getDeviceDescriptor

In my last post I talked about making a successful USB transfer. It was a getDeviceDescriptor transfer, which transfers info about the device to the host. The transferred data was:0100 0201 0150 0121 0944 4000 0000 0110 0112
The data was received from the same Korg Microkey-25 as previously used.
Byte Field Value Meaning
0 bLength 0x12 The Device description consists of 18 bytes
1 bDescriptorType 0x01 Descriptor type DEVICE
2-3 BCD 0x0110 USB Spec Release Number 1.10
4 Class 0x00, No class per interface defined
5 SubClass 0x00 Must be 0, since Class code is 0
6 bDeviceProtocol 0x00 No class specific protocol used
7 bMaxPacketSize0 0x40 Max packet size 64 for endpoint 0
8-9 idVendor 0x0944 Korg
10-11 idProduct 0x0121
12-13 bcdDevice 0x0150 Device release number 1.50
14 iManufacturer 0x01 Index of string descriptor describing manufacturer
15 iProduct 0x02 Index of string descriptor describing product
16 iSerialNumber 0x00 Index of string descriptor describing serial number
17 bNumConfigurations 0x01 Device has only one configuration

So all of this looks fine to me. Apart from this, I have also addressed the device, which should mean that I only need to set the device configuration to get the Microkey up and going. I do need to spend some time on the code though, I can't keep hard coding all this stuff, I will need some level of abstraction, even though I'd prefer to keep things as simple as possible...

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