Monday, June 30, 2014

MIDI2VC, finished basic functionality

I've now added support for Pitch Bend to the MIDI2VC, which means the project is basically finished. The updated project is here.
 A demo video, with pitch bend, is below:
I thought about experimenting with the sleep mode of the PIC, to see if I can get the circuit a bit more efficient (probably not, since there is a linear regular on it...) My thought was that the PIC could go into sleep mode when it's waiting for an UART character. Seems though, that this function needs to receive a 0x0000 word to get out of sleep mode, and since I don't control the MIDI-device attached, I probably can't get that. Maybe there's a work around, we'll see....
Otherwise, it's time to start working on the MIDI2VC+.

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