Monday, February 8, 2016

40m Ham radio receiver using a NE602

I've been building a circuit I found in "Experimental methods in RF design". It's a 40m AM/SSB/CW receiver using a NE602. I've been doing some experimentation to get the receiver working, especially with the local oscillator. In the book, they recommend a toroid wound coil, but I couldn't get that to oscillate. Finally I made an air wound coil, which worked. But since the coil was wound "mid air", it picked up even the smallest vibration in the surroundings, leading to a very unstable oscillation. I solved it by shoving a roll of paper inside the coil. I also worked some on getting the antenna input filter better matched.
It receives between 6.9 and 7.4MHz, but it hasn't got a lot of selectivity, which I will try to solve somehow. Also, I want to interface the LO to a frequency counter, so I need to build a buffer amplifier to not load down the oscillator.
Here are some images of the receiver and the schematics so far:
Receiver circuit board. Antenna input, with attenuator pot seen to the left. Tuning caps on the right.
Receiver with shielding in place. Tuning knobs to the left.
Receiver diagram.

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